• GAO CE GuideUpdateMAR20Washington DC: The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) just released on March 12, 2020, the new update of their standard COST ESTIMATING AND ASSESSMENT GUIDE: Best Practices for Developing and Managing Program Costs.  This update received contributions and reviews from a panel of selected international experts, including Alexandre Rodrigues, Executive Partner of PMO Projects Group.  This GAO Standard is publicly available here.

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  • RosatomLogo3Moscow: Russia's publicly owned State Atomic Energy Corporation, ROSATOM, is currently enrolled in the development of an internal Project Management methodology called TCM-NC based on AACE's Total Cost Management framework adapted for nuclear construction.  An international workshop was organized bringing together some of the world experts in Cost Engineering, formally appointed by ROSATOM to deliver counseling.  Alexandre Rodrigues was invited to present the EVM control method.

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  • AdvancesinProjectManagementLondon: The acclaimed seminal book Advances in Project Management covers key areas of improvement in understanding and project capability further-up the management chain. Drawn from some of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers, including Dr. Alexandre Rodrigues, and compiled by Professor Darren Dalcher of the National Centre for Project Management (UK), this book provides new approaches and novel perspectives that will improve decisions.

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  • EPILEPSIAEProjectEurope: one of the most important research projects in medicine and computer science ever funded by the European Commission, this project was aimed at making significant advances in the forecasting of epileptic seizures.  PMO Projects was contracted as the partner company to implement Project Risk Management.

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  • NCOC-Logo-SmallAstana: the North Caspian Operating Company in Kazakhstan selected PMO Projects Group to train their professionals in Cost Engineering and Project Controls (Earned Value Management). PMO Projects Portugal was selected as an European company accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE) as an Approved Education Provider (AEP).


  • DundeePBulgariaSofia: the Canadian based international mining company Dundee Precious Metals, acquired PMO Projects Portugal services to receive advise on how to implement the Earned Value Management (EVM) method as the basis to control their projects, in particular at Chelopech in Bulgaria.  An EVM seminar and workshop delivered by PMO Projects for Chelopech took place in Sofia.

  • BHPBLogoMaputo: the company MOZAL from the Australian based BHPBilliton international group - one of the world's largest producer of aluminum and one of the most important companies for the sustained development of the Mozambican economy - has established what is currently a 14 years long partnership with PMO Projects Group to develop and improve their internal Project Management competencies and processes through both training and consultancy.

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  • SamarcoBelo Horizonte: The Brazilian company Samarco, assessed by the Exame magazine as the Best Mining Company of Brazil and the second largest in its sector, selected PMO Projects Brasil for the implementation of the project control method Earned Value Management (EVM).  The support of PMO Projects will focus on defining the processes of project and portfolio management aligned with the latest international standard from PMI: the Practice Standard for Earned Value Management (2nd Edition). The work now underway initiated in January 2014.

  • odebrecht

    Barquisimeto: one of the largest construction companies in South America, Odebrecht Engineering and Construction, selected the companies PMO-Projects-Brazil and PMO-Projects-Portugal to implement an integrated project risk management process in a mega-construction project in the industrial production sector, currently underway in Venezuela.  This engagement was initiated in May 2013 and extended throughout 2014, following the project's execution.

  • ArcellorMittalJohannesburg: since May 2013, the world's largest producer of steel, has been selecting on a continuous basis PMO Projects South Africa in order to train their Project Managers based on the international standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI), by performing one of the most internationally renowned courses in our portfolio: the Complete Project Management®.  The last two editions were held at ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.

 A real-life case-study of delivering Project Management peformance improvement in project-based demanding environments


During the four consecutive years from 2006 to 2009, PMO Projects (by then PMO Consulting) was selected by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to help its most important capability development agency – the NC3A, NATO Command and Control Consultation Agency, based in Brussels and The Hague  in order to implement a strategic internal project aimed at improving the performance of project management and delivery by this agency.

Having been merged with the other NATO agencies to form the current NCIA Agency, the NC3A held the key responsibility of undertaking three major types of capability development projects for the nations that form the alliance: acquisition projects, research and development projects, and capability deployment projects in theatres of war.

The performance of these projects was considered as crucial for the overall mission of the alliance.  With the goal of continuously improving its internal project management processes, NC3A decided to undertake a strategic internal project called PMTTS  Project Management Tools and Techniques Standardization, having selected PMO Projects via a non-competitive single-source selection process, due to the in-depth specialized knowledge required.

The PMTTS Project at NATO was implemented in the field by a team of PMO Projects consultants led by Alexandre Rodrigues, at both NC3A sites in Brussels and The Hague.  During 2006 and early 2007 the project focused on the conception and definition of work instruction sets (WIS) to standardize the two main processes of project planning and project controlling.  The project started with an "X-ray" maturity assessment study conducted by Alexandre Rodrigues, which analyzed the existing processes, information systems, and the knowledge and skills of the Project Managers at NC3A.  Based on this study, a report was produced identifying the key opportunities for improvement and a proposed implementation plan.

The work instruction sets developed for the planning and controlling processes integrated the PRINCE2 methodology, already in use at NC3A, with the framework from PMI's PMBOK® global standard.  This phase focused on ensuring that high quality project plans would support the implementation of the Earned Value Management (EVM) project control method.  For this purpose, a Project Data Quality System was conceived and implemented, producing a set of quality control metrics that would inform Project Managers of quality issues with the structure and data contents of project plans helping to ensure that these would be maintained within the required quality.

In terms of information system, the project planning and control processes developed were implemented using Microsoft's solution Enterprise Project Management (EPM), composed of Microsoft Project Professional, Project Server, and also various web-based components.

Once the solution was up and running in 2007, during the two following years of 2008 and 2009, NATO developed a specialized training program, working together with PMO Projects, in order to promote and support the adoption of the PMTTS work instruction sets and other deliverables.  This training program addressed the areas of Planning and Scheduling, Earned Value Management and Risk Management.  Two training courses from the PMO Projects portfolio were specifically adapted to meet the competency development requirements of NC3A, namely the Complete Project Management® and the Dynamic Risk Management® courses.

The success of the PMTTS Project at NC3A significantly contributed to the improvement of the NATO's Project Management capabilities, having benefitted from the advanced expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience of PMO Projects Group.

In order to partner with NC3A for this initiative, PMO Projects qualified as approved supplier with NC3A having met all the NATO security clearance requirements.

For more information about NATO's NCIA agency (ex-NC3A), click here: weblink.